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Clarisse ROUD

Choreographer &Project Director

Clarisse is a dance artist originally from Switzerland, she trained in the main modern techniques in New York and now based in London since 2016.

She started to develop her creative voice back in 2016 with Engrenage. 2018 has been a blooming year for her as she proudly created and premiered two new works, giving her the opportunity to further develop her choreographic voice in a high profile context and to establish a London based company of talented artists. 

Clarisse is an instinctive and open minded person induced with generosity and wisdom, deeply influenced by the Modern Pioneers’ philosophy. Her commitments in her creative processes is to share a humanistic approach to movement, to use the medium of dance to deliver through narrative gestures and a bold, expressive physicality a meaningful work. She connects her personal strength, sensitivity and reflections to spaces of potential as well as collaborative journeys to complete still more her thirst to learn, to grow, explore and share .

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Company Member of Clarisse ROUD Works

since 2018

Born in Valencia, Spain in 1992, Isabel studies at the Professional School Mari Cruz Alcalá. After graduating she joined the "Ballet Classico de Valencia" under the artistic direction of Clara Barbara. She completed her MA in Performance atThe Place in London, and became a member of EDge in March 2014.

As a freelance dancer, she has been working with Ana Lujan, Gerard Collins, Mamen García, Ivan Perez and Gustavo Ramirez. She toured with companies such as Cienfuegos Danza as a soloist, and as company member with New Movement Collective, Henri Oguike Dance, Dane Hurst Dance, Corali Dance Company, and Company LOKKE.

Isabel is also a freelance teacher and choreographer.

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Company Member of Clarisse ROUD Works 

since 2018

Born in France, Aurore studied at Epsedanse under the direction of Anne-Marie Porras. In 2010, she completed her training with the company junior MOndap'art directed by Marco Cattoi, giving her the opportunity to work with many internationally renowned choreographers. 

She worked and toured as a freelance dancer with la Licorne Company directed by Alain Gruttadauria and Henri Oguike Dance. She also collaborated with Emilio Calcagno, and in 2014 she worked with Akram Khan on the piece "Kaash".

Aurore is an active teacher, and is invited in renowned conservatories all across France.

Aurore is established in London since 2016.


Painter & Collaborator

Born in Paris, France in 1994. Tom as far as he can remember always use the arts to express himself. After experiencing few tougher years, Tom reconnected to his art, writing and painting. This self-educated creator is currently working on his next exhibition in a Gallery in Paris as well as working on some illustrations for a children book. Tom is really excited to be part of this collaborative journey and first experience with the dance world.

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