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The company and Clarisse herself, are willing to connect with all different sorts of generations, familiar or not with the dance art form, and share through guided creative tasks an understanding and harmony of the self.

The company is currently building an outreach program to deliver its experience and methodology through its workshop. The workshop consists of three different phases, starting with a short warm up, leading into a research phase of how to connect emotions to movement using improvisation and possible set material from the repertoire as a foundation of exploration, and finishing with a solo, partnering and group creative task to create a short phrase of their own that expresses an experience they relate to.

Attendees are encouraged to find their own unique way of expression and self affirmation using movement as a medium to access and connect to their emotions in a healthy and positive way. They explore and experience their physicality through principles such as weight and breath in a very safe and enjoyable environment, while playing with concept such as dynamics and textures into movement in relation to imageries.

The company's and Clarisse's commitment are to share a humanistic approach to movement using supportive feedback to give the participants a sense of freedom and challenge, as well as offering a safe place to experience moment in an acceptance, passionate and energetic way.

The Company is Looking forward to hearing from you !

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