Clarisse Roud

Choreographer - Portfolio

Clarisse is a dance artist originally from Switzerland, she trained in the main modern techniques in New York and now based in London since 2016.

She started to develop her creative voice back in 2016 with Engrenage. 2018 has been a blooming year for her as she proudly created and premiered two new works, giving her the opportunity to further develop her choreographic voice in a high profile context and to establish a London based company of talented artists. 

Clarisse is an instinctive and open minded person induced with generosity and wisdom, deeply influenced by the Modern Pioneers’ philosophy. Her commitments in her creative processes is to share a humanistic approach to movement, to use the medium of dance to deliver through narrative gestures and a bold, expressive physicality a meaningful work. She connects her personal strength, sensitivity and reflections to spaces of potential as well as collaborative journeys to complete still more her thirst to learn, to grow, explore and share .




Commissioned by the

Junior Ensemble of Peridance - Season 18/19

Music & Composition : Aleph AGUIAR

Premiered March 2019 at University Settlement in New York City

Season of 10 performances including theatre as Salvatore Capezio Centre and Skirball Theatre

Video https://vimeo.com/342795484 


We are all Astronauts brings the innocence of an unique soul back. It is a letter written for oneself, with a pure open heart expressing its deeper wish and faith. Life is a path, it can be a difficult path sometimes, nothing is easy, nothing is granted, but that letter offers a freeing message of empowered to go the distance. Reaching for the stars without letting any negative influence to make you doubt of your path. We are all Astronauts is a poetic fight, and affirmation of oneself to the world.

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Clarisse ROUD Works Company

Music Live & Composition : Aleph AGUIAR

Premiered February 2019 at

Resolution Dance Festival 2019

- Project of touring in Process -

Video https://vimeo.com/328969168


The Place One-0216.jpg

Odyssey is a contemporary work inspired by Greek Mythology Rituals and Symbolisms, it honours the memory and nostalgia of the hours spent together and mourns the absence left by death itself, eventually leading to a rebirth. The three dancers alloy strength with grace, evolve on stage using their bodies as a cast that bears the imprint of the wound, navigating through the deep emotional and reflective journey portraying the art of saying farewell. The heaviness and dramatic atmosphere is re enforce with the presence of live music created by internationally renowned musician/ composer Aleph Aguiar and narrated by Evridiki Yakubu Nana.




Clarisse ROUD Works Company

Music  Messy Hearts - The Moon Ate the Dark

Premiered June 2016 at

THE SHOP - New York City

Video https://vimeo.com/195477936



The end is nearer than ever, the end is right here, and so am I, facing the final curtain. If only I had words, images or symbols to express my self, to reveal my thoughts. Engrenage is a deep inner wish bringing to life induced with passion and faith, it is the pure voice of an ardent melancholy. The scenery is forcing me to acknowledge the person whom my smile and body are linked to, this scenery is taking its whole importance at this exact moment, which is shaped through expressive gestures as a reminder of an imminent departure and beautiful memories.  Memories that time offered me, and that will be forever mine treasured. Those gestures are the self expression of my heart rousing of life, your soft hands being the cause of my ache. Stand tall next to me, your shadow close to mine and my happiness is sure, let me embrace this feeling one more time. To our last gaze where time will pause, and Alone I will go loyal to my path.




- 2019 -

"Clarisse created a beautiful, artistic, and meaningful piece with 10 dancers of different backgrounds. She was able to bring them all together, and to create something very thoughtful and intense, with many layers of complexity, but also a sensibility and security that gave these young dancers the opportunity to flourish and the ability to be individuals while performing this complex piece.

Knowing Clarisse as a dancer, assistant, and now choreographer, I have the highest regard for her ability not only in all technical aspects but also in her humanity and her ability to deliver quality work.

I recommend and fully support Clarisse in any upcoming endeavours  and I am sure that I will keep working with her, and can’t wait to see where the future takes her."

Diego Funes - Artistic Director of the Youth Ensemble of Peridance.

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- 2019 -

"Odyssey by Clarisse Roud was a breathtaking display of feminine power. Beautifully articulate movement, weighted and smooth flowing dynamics peppered with moments of tenderness performed by a cast of accomplished dancers."

Nina Atkinson - Artistic Director of the Loop Dance Company.

"Odyssey was one of substantial emotional investment and thorough commitment by all involved. Such a strong and clear telling of the journey of grief and all its components. Everyone, from Clarisse, through to the dancers and musicians carried themselves with such conviction and commitment. The musical accompaniment was so beautifully chosen, complimenting the piece and its inhabitants elegantly and so very sensitively throughout. Such thoughtful, rich, evocative and intelligent choreography. It’s obvious that Clarisse cares deeply for her work. A beautiful talent and I, for one felt very fortunate to experience Odyssey earlier this year here in London."

Simone Sault - International Freelancer Coach, Creative and Choreographer.



- 2016 -

"The quality of her work, artistry and vision is truly exceptional!"

Diana Petterson - Artistic Director of the Sans Limites Dance Festival.​​

"We found excellence throughout her work and ideas"

Juan Michael Porter II - Artistic Director of The Moving Beauty Series.